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Healee's online booking service helps you find the right doctor and book an appointment

Book appointments with top doctors, for in-person visits or telehealth consultations

Choose specialty and location, or search doctors by name. You can also filter doctors by gender, insurers with which they work and consultation price.

Read reviews by other patients, learn more about doctors' qualifications and expertise, and choose your doctor.

Book appointments with top doctors, for in-person visits or telehealth consultations.

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The appointment automatically appears in your profile.

Two days before the appointment you will get an email and SMS reminder.

Once the consultation with the doctor is complete, you will be able to write a review, to help other patients choose their doctor.

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The fastest and easiest way to book a medical appointment for an in-person or online consultation! Healee's booking service helps you get to the right doctor, in time!

It is very important for my job that I entrust a good ENT specialist. I used Healee to choose a doctor and book an appointment. It was very convenient – I found a good specialist close to my home and saved time.
Kalo D.

Sound Engineer

I am very satisfied with Healee! I booked an appointment online, which is a great convenience – I planned my day and only waited 3-4 minutes at the clinic. Easy, convenient, made with care for the patients.
Violeta I.


I've always wanted to avoid the hassle of calling the clinic and having to listen to the receptionist go through the available slots, so that I can choose a time that works for me. Healee is a dream come true – I find the doctor I want, then choose and book a time slot immediately.
Jeni D.

Mother of two children