Dr. Hugh O'Kane



· 10 - 15 years experience
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Dr Hugh O’Kane is a consultant Urological Surgeon based at the Belfast City Hospital.

Dr. O'Kane also provides online consultations – you can connect with him through the Healee app.

Having qualified at Queens University Belfast, Dr O’Kane undertook specialist urology training in Northern Ireland. Following completion of Fellowship Training in the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia, he was appointed as a consultant in 2011.


Dr O’Kane offers rapid assessment and management of a wide range of benign and cancerous urological problems with access to accurate and modern diagnostic tests. Conditions diagnosed and treated include: Urinary symptoms / incontinence, Urinary tract infections. Prostate problems, Phimosis / circumcision, Testicular and scrotal problems, Vasectomy / Vasectomy reversal, Prostate / Bladder / Renal cancer diagnosis and management.

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