Jaspreet Marbay

Complementary therapy, Pharmacist

5 - 10 years experience
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Jaspreet Marbay is Pharmacist with a specific interest in Maternity

Jaspreet Marbay also provides online consultations – you can connect with her through the Healee app.

Masters in Pharmacy - UCL
Setting up a clinic in general setting
Independent Prescriber


Mpharm, IP


Jaspreet has worked in various sectors throughout her career in which she has encountered a broad range of clients. Jaspreet currently offers and is not limited to advice on symptoms, medicine-related advice including better understanding on medication, how it should be taken and works, side effects, interactions, suitability for breastfeeding. Jaspreet is able to order and source particular medicines, and arrange medication to be delivered promptly to the client, including baby formula milk tailored for the mother.

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Provides video consultations through the Healee app.
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Jaspreet Marbay

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